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GRUPO INFRACOM we are committed to help our clients achieve optimal benefits inTELEMATICS services.

Mexico’s current economic context and the dynamism and opening of the global markets have drastically changed the way to do business. Those organizations determined to remain relevant have adapted measures to assimilate and respond to the vertiginous nature of the changes, orienting a large part of their resources to the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies to support decision-making and provide timely access to information schemes that reflect market trends.


GRUPO INFRACOM emerged in response to these demands as a consortium founded in February 1993 of 100% Mexican companies, dedicated to resolving specific telecommunication problems related to the design, programming, configuration, installation and construction of:

On- and off-site telecommunications infrastructure for voice, data, video and security.

Networks dedicated to dynamic multimedia communication.

Information Technology security systems.

Perimeter security systems.

Help Desks, through a services contracting scheme that allows companies to improve their performance through a well-designed focus on meeting goals.


Providing for all of our technologies: consulting, advisory, monitoring, and the ability to track active equipment, as well as the service required in accordance with the dimension of these telematics networks.


All of this within the concept of “key in hand” projects that incorporate integral solutions to the needs of our clients, aiming always for the greatest efficiency and optimal use of available resources.


To date, Grupo INFRACOM has helped to resolve a broad spectrum of thematic problems through integral and efficient solutions thanks to its vast infrastructure and experience in the field, coupled with constant updating and training of our personnel.  In this way we are always looking to offer the best quality and most timely attention in the telecommunications market at the national scale.